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Magento 2 Store Credit

Magento Store Credit Extension by Exto helps to refund clients with a store credit, keeping more money in your accounts, or to refill and manage a customer balance directly from the backend. A positive store credit balance is a one more incentive that helps retain customers in your store, and motivates them to shop over and over.

With Exto Store Credit, a customer receives an option to additionally purchase online credits and make payments in a few clicks.

Compatibility: Magento 2 Community / Enterprise 2.0.0 - 2.2.*
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Having received a product return request, a merchant can decide to issue refunds with a store credit rather than transferring money back to a client’s bank account. The system refills the customer’s credit balance directly, thus keeping money in-house.

In addition, for any other reason – such as a holiday or a marketing campaign – a manager can top up the balance from the backend, and give a one more reason for the customer to come back.

Refund orders to store credit

A Сomplete Transactions History for you and your Customers

Keep track of the store credit balance change history. See every penny’s move at a glance.

Check store credit balance history

Transparent and intuitive usage for customers and administrators. Exto Store Credit fits any business process and seamlessly integrates into a Magento store. Administrators can access full transactions details, and view and update a customer’s credit balance. All these tasks can be processed without any special knowledge, and only a few minutes are required to become familiar with the product.

A user-friendly intuitive interface

The system provides an option to pay for the items using Magento credit wholly or in-part. In that way, customers can decide how much of their balance to spend, feeling confident with the purchase. Who can resist spending a few bucks more once they are available on the account anyway?

Pay with a store credit wholly or partially

Checkout completely with a customer credit or pay in combination with real money.

Keeping a positive store credit balance increases the chances of successful order completion, and most significantly, it's a huge bonus in the customer loyalty challenge that all merchants are struggling to win.

Pay both with money and store credit