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Magento 2 Dropshipping

Exto Dropshipping is an automated turnkey dropshipping extension based on the Magento ecommerce platform. No inventory housing. No logistical pitfalls. Setup your online storefront with the remote inventory management capabilities and unlimited warehouses in a matter of hours.

Exto Dropshipping is a good choice if you:

  • Plan to launch a new business with a dropshipping component
  • Run a dropshipping business and need to improve the outdated software
  • Aim to seamlessly add a dropshipping model to the existing store
Compatibility: Community: 2.x / Enterprise: 2.x
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Setup Your Inventory

Automated Inventory Sync

According to Wasp Barcode, 39% of SMBs use a manual inventory tracking method. One of the major critical pain points of any dropshipping business is the need to keep inventory and stock level information accurate and up-to-date.

Eliminate human error in your inventory management system. With automatic inventory sync between the wholesale suppliers you can reduce the risks of outdated catalogs down to zero. The feature helps to avoid a serious pitfall of displaying out of stock items as available ones.

The system automatically monitors current warehouses, updates products’ statuses, and ultimately helps to identify the most affordable and high-speed suppliers. An absolute must-have automation point for multi-warehouse businesses.

Unlimited Warehouses

Exto Dropshipping extension supports any combination of multiple stocks possessing distinct parameters, such as shipping rules, pricing rates, locations, and more. A customer selects a preferable stock, or the system sets a stock automatically based on the location or delivery costs conditions.

Unlimited warehouses capability allows a merchant to provide a wider selection of products from numerous distribution centers. By leveraging warehouse stores, a merchant can easily scale business without the large time or labor costs investments and boost a customer base.

Please Your Customers

Delivery Tracking

A client may instantly monitor all the order processing stages. From purchase order status updates to further delivery tracking. A customer must never be left in ignorance regarding the orders, so the system provides an up-to-date information about the items being delivered in a timely manner.

Split Order Between Stocks

When an order contains items which cannot be delivered by a single warehouse, it automatically splits between multiple stocks. This may happen due to the insufficient or zero item quantity at a warehouse storage. Even the same stock keeping unit can be delivered from several stocks if one distribution center doesn’t hold a satisfying amount of items.

Streamline Your Backend Processes

Manage Shipments

As soon as a warehouse supplier approves purchase orders, items are automatically arranged into shipments. A merchant skips organizational and logistics obligations as these services are carried out by a distributor.

The dropshipping extension provides a customer and a merchant with all the required shipment details. Each order is tied to its shipment(s) and each shipment includes its own warehouse, delivery method, tracking information, and delivery notification abilities.

Automatic Order Submission

When configuring suppliers information, you can decide to automatically fulfill their orders or place into a pending status.

During the pending period staff can check the order details with supplier and make sure the items are available for delivery. This way the trusted partners can start processing orders right after a customer checks out on the website. Otherwise, a merchant can manually check all the required criteria beforehand.

Take Care of Your Partners

Payouts Management

A merchant has an ability to choose from several payment options: make instant payouts or process money transmissions for a time period. This means an entrepreneur can transfer funds right after each purchase is submitted or split payments into parts, which can be daily, weekly, monthly or set by agreement with the supplier.

The system allows to track history and balance due to maintain accounting records and analyze sales statistics.

Purchase Orders

Manage and send purchase orders to a warehouse store before queuing an order for delivery.

Further order route is determined by the supplier’s purchase order acknowledgement. An order can be approved totally or partially, depending on item’s availability, shipment rules or other conditions. A merchant has a complete control over the purchase order processing and has an ability to apply the updates at any stage.