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Magento 2 Email Marketing

Exto.io’s Magento email marketing extension enables companies to maximize returns from their marketing automation efforts. Among other features, it allows you to set unlimited follow up emails, abandoned cart recovery emails, ensure personalization and timely cancellation, and gather effective analytics to determine campaign performance.

Compatibility: Magento 2 Community / Enterprise 2.0.0 - 2.2.*
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Intuitive & Flexible Rules Setup

Exto.io continues to innovate and the Email Marketing extension is a perfect showcase of such in Magento 2 extensions development. Creating proper follow up email rules is not an easy task when tens of parameters have to be considered to target the right messages to the right audience, and if mistakes are made, damage to your brand can result.

This extension provides a totally custom admin interface that guides you through rules creation and allows you to view all the settings, so that marketing staff can clearly understand what, when and under which conditions will be triggered. The interface updates itself in real time following the creation of a rule and guides the user through the process, through highlighting properly configured and missed mandatory steps.

Analytics Dashboards

Don’t even start email marketing and automation without proper measurement tools! Exto Email Marketing introduces a dashboard to allow you to oversee what is happening with your campaigns. The information is organized in general and per-rule sections for a convenient quick overview and then to enable a deeper understanding.

You can observe: the total outcome from your email marketing, the amounts of sent or ready to be sent emails and their status, abandoned carts with recovery attempts, re-visits upon a follow up and more.

Follow Up Email Configuration

This gives a wealth of options for a perfectly targeted email campaign, allowing extensive marketing automation. You start with defining your campaign trigger, be it a new abandoned cart that has appeared in your store, customer behavior (visit, sign up, review etc.), a new order with a specific status or simply a specific date.

You can specify the desired audience in the rule conditions: the customer group, cart and products conditions, the store and more. Importantly, you can indicate cancellation events and email chains. More options are available for proper campaign tracking.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

One of the most standard cases in the industry - the abandoned cart recovery - can be set up with Exto Email Marketing in a matter of minutes. Reaching out and sending an abandoned cart email to the customer provides them with an additional incentive to complete the purchase, thus also encouraging their retention.

The abandoned cart email option can alternatively be used to request feedback on why the process had been interrupted. Either way, this is definitely something that you should have working for your business.

Efficient Email Analytics

This displays email totals split by their status, abandoned cart recovery attempts and the result. The statistics are shown per each auto‑responder/follow‑up email rule, along with the rule settings at a glance. This makes sure that you don’t get lost and are able to properly track your desired outcome.

Unlimited Email Chains

According to our research, it’s not enough to send just one email in most cases. Normally marketers use 2-3 emails in sequence to ensure the highest probability of achieving a desired action.

This can be accomplished with Exto Email Marketing, which allows you to set up unlimited emails chains at any interval and with templates to maximize your chances of reaching your prospective customers.

Cancellation Events

You must avoid by all means bothering your customers after they have reacted to your message. This can be achieved by configuring the events that interrupt an email sequence, e.g. normally you’d wish to stop messaging customers after they had clicked a link in an email.

Message Queue and History

It is always good to have a track record of all transactional emails, from abandoned cart recovery to follow up messages, and to see those that are scheduled to be sent.

Perfect Personalization

Personalization is one of the hottest trends in ecommerce. Exto Email Marketing helps you to create highly personalized messages by using a set of email variables in your messages.

Exto Analytics Integration (coming soon)

Bring your Magento email marketing analytics and performance optimization to the next level by utilizing Exto Analytics, an enterprise-class reporting and business intelligence solution for Magento 2.