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Magento 2 Subscriptions and Recurring Billing

Exto subscriptions extension for Magento 2 allows customers to purchase subscription products and set up automatic recurring payments. This increases customer lifetime value by automating repetitive purchases and charges, and decreasing the likelihood of customer churn.

A merchant can organize a subscription process with configurable subscription templates, while the extension accepts checkout with any combination of subscription and non-subscription items, has a failure-proof recurring billing system, and more.

Compatibility: Magento 2 Community / Enterprise 2.0.0 - 2.2.*
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Advanced Dashboard

Never lose track of your system’s performance. A custom-made dashboard enables instant access to key parameters, such as the number of products that provide a subscription option, or the profile status of a subscription, with an option to review profiles fitting a certain status on a separate screen.

A merchant can navigate to the subscription templates, product catalog, and recurring profiles directly from the dashboard, and see the subscriptions value for a specific time period, or a grand total to the current date.

Subscriptions dashboard

A Complete Subscription Profile View

The Exto Subscriptions and Recurring Billing software provides a completely intuitive profile view page, enabling monitoring of subscription profiles, with the possibility to cancel or suspend them.

A custom UX makes the subscription procedure fully transparent and neatly organized. An administrator can check the payment processor profile details along with the response message log, complete customer details, subscription products with the associated options and attributes, and a comprehensive list of past profile charges.

Thus, Exto’s subscription billing software allows you to keep an eye individually on each customer’s subscription profile and to stay informed regarding the subscriptions process status.

Custom subscriptions profile view

Smart Subscription Templates

Subscription templates help to seamlessly organize the bulk creation of subscription products. Each template provides a full spectrum of subscription options, including: definition of a start date, a set number of charge attempts, the billing frequency and cycles, the possibility to sell a product either with a subscription or without it, and more.

There are no worries for businesses operating internationally, as the product fully supports a multiple store view, making it possible to specify custom delivery titles on a per store basis.

Once a template is set up, it can be applied to an entire product line or just to the selected individual items.

Configure subscription templates
Checkout with subscription and non-subscriptions purchases

Simultaneous Subscription & Non-subscriptions Purchases

The subscription payments extension means customers may checkout with any combination of subscription and non-subscription products in their cart. This eliminates the need to separately purchase items providing subscriptions and items without the recurring billing option.

Initially, the system charges for the non-subscription products, and then creates profiles for the subscription goods. The process is fully automated and error-proof.

PayPal Integration

At the moment, the solution is only compatible with PayPal recurring payments. The product creates recurring profiles in Magento and PayPal and keeps them synchronized and healthy. Secure online payments can be processed through the desktop or via a mobile device.

Paypal payment integration
Automatic recuring payments

Failure-Proof Recurring Payments

The complete list of recurring charges is processed automatically in accordance with a billing schedule. In case a payment fails, the system tries to recharge the sum for a specified number of times. If the attempt limit is exceeded, the extension applies a “suspended” status to the customer’s profile. This enables a merchant to keep track of payment procedures.

A Total Control Over Subscriptions

The Magento subscription extension provides a complete recurring profiles overview. Customers can monitor the whole array of subscription details, which include the following:

  • Selected products and their details
  • Billing periods and cycles
  • The next billing date
  • The termination date

The merchant can cancel a customer’s subscriptions or change a client’s profile status to suspended.

Control subscriptions details through the recurring profile view
A hassle-free integration

A Seamless Integration with a Product Page

When integrating the Exto Subscriptions extension, the merchant's product page remains unaltered. The system simply adds several elements, which support the style of your website by default.

The solution provides the first billing date chooser, and the subscription selector is configured as a dropbox or as radio buttons. This removes the demand for additional resources while implementing a new service.

Flexible Product Configuration

The solution provides several product purchasing options for a Magento store. An administrator can configure an item to be purchased either once or through subscription for multiple deliveries.

For example, if a merchant sells pet food, customers can order a single pack of the food or request a regular delivery.

Set single or multiple deliveries
Transparent purchasing steps

A Transparent Ordering Process

The extension keeps customers confident and informed from the start until the end of the purchasing process. All the subscription details are displayed in the shopping cart and on the checkout pages, making each ordering step fully coherent and natural.

Subscription items can be checked at any stage and the extension guarantees successful completion of the order.