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Magento 2 Help Desk

Exto Help Desk is a customer support and ticket system that is integrated with your Magento store. Help Desk enriches the customer’s experience and increases service desk staff’s effectiveness by flawlessly organizing your store’s data and clients’ requests. The extension features a two-way email integration, a 360-degree client view at the ticket panel, and more.

Compatibility: Magento 2 Community / Enterprise 2.0.0 - 2.2.*
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One Help Desk for All Support Staff's Needs

Crafted Interface

We’ve spent hundreds of hours understanding the core focus of support staff’s work. This has resulted in a perfectly crafted program interface which encompasses all the vital client details within a single ticket view: customer details, spent reward points or store credit, any assigned order and its content, product returns and a full order and ticket history.

A ticket panel also includes a dedicated staff communications channel with comfortable quick replies and smart date formatting for admin and customer views. A custom interface enables a support agent to invest more time in a customer service than in data research, increasing overall productivity and saving valuable time.

Mobile Interface

Recent research shows that over 60% of clients prefer communicating with support staff through their mobile devices. This need is fully addressed in Exto Help Desk by specially crafted mobile interfaces that provide comprehensive, real-time access to the customer service desk.

Custom mobile and desktop help desk interfaces Custom mobile and desktop help desk interfaces

Data Integration

Exto Help Desk ensures support agents handle every ticket in the most efficient way. A custom ticket panel eliminates the need to switch between tabs while gathering additional client history and details. All the required information is brought together in one ticket page, providing a full 360 degree view for fast and efficient support. This information includes:

  • Client details
  • Reward points or store credit balance
  • Assigned order and relevant items
  • Full order history
  • Complete ticket list

A smart, robust interface allows tickets to be assigned to a customer order either from the frontend or backend, ensuring every ticket is associated with a relevant order.

All customer data integrated into one screen All customer data integrated into one screen

A High-Profile Customer Service Starts With The Right Magento Help Desk Tool

What are the day-to-day problems support agents face during communication with clients?

Email Fetching

Customer care departments receive millions of daily inbound requests via emails, web forms, and other communications methods. In order to streamline working processes, support desk agents should be able to automatically convert inbound inquiries into customer tickets.

Exto provides a complete two-way sync of the email accounts with Exto Help Desk by IMAP or POP3. That means clients and agents can send messages and reply directly from their mailboxes while the system parses all content into the right ticket threads or creates new ones. The extension supports editable pre-defined email templates for all outgoing emails.

Contact Form Integration

Don’t let any online service requests get missed – full native Magento contact form integration converts every submitted web form into a ticket and routs to a relevant Help Desk agent.

Email fetching and contact form integration

Department and Agents

A department represents any group in a business that caters to specific client demands (eg. Accounting, Insurance, Logistics). Magento Help Desk solution allows you to create a corresponding department and pull customer inquiries directly into the right channel.

Every department can be represented by one or multiple agents who are able to view tickets from other departments. In order to efficiently manage and organize the workflow, the tickets can be assigned to the relevant departments and agents on the backend. The solution further provides a configurable ability for the customer to select a proper department on the frontend.

Exto Help Desk fully supports native Magento multi-store, which allows you to create multiple store views within a store to support various languages. This feature is especially crucial for businesses that operate globally.

Assign tickets to the appropriate departments and agents

Internal Communications Channel

Help Desk extension provides the possibility to add notes to a current ticket so that other agents can see the necessary comments. All internal communications are kept in the ticket threads and are invisible to clients.

Add internal notes to the tickets

External View and Data Consistency

Clients without a store account require the same care as those with one. Exto Help Desk service allows them to benefit from all the customer features without being logged in. The system emails tickets and ticket replies to the client along with a link for future access.

Additionally, when a registered client creates a ticket by email or a contact form and is not logged into a system, Exto Help Desk assigns the ticket to the customer account automatically.

What’s more exciting, when an unregistered consumer sends an online request and creates an account with the same email later, the extension adds previously created tickets to the customer account. This lets your support staff and clients never lose track of their communications.

External view and data consistency

Extend Your Magento Help Desk Functionality Through Integration with Other Exto Products

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Reward Points integration

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