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Magento 2 Reward Points

Magento 2 Reward Points is a virtual currency and loyalty program extension that helps to increase customer LTV and AOV. It includes:

  • Full control over your campaigns through an advanced dashboard
  • The possibility to set thresholds and never slip below profit-making levels
  • Flexible rules with regard to earning new reward points
  • Points expiration for additional shopping incentives
  • The possibility to refund by points and leave money in your accounts
Compatibility: Magento 2 Community / Enterprise 2.0.0 - 2.2.*
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Advanced Dashboard

The smart dashboard gives a clear understanding of your customer rewards program status and performance.

The dashboard helps to understand this through the following indicators:

  • Customers engaged in the program
  • Balance update subscribers
  • Earned & redeemed customer reward points
  • Points’ expiration prognosis to additionally incentivize shoppers who can lose the unused points soon
  • A list of active rules expressed in the number of triggers, earnings / redemptions in points, and their monetary value. This helps to estimate the effectiveness of each rule, define new behavioral patterns, and optimize a marketing budget
Reward points dashboard Reward points dashboard

Earning Rules

According to Bain & Company, existing customers spend 67% more than first-time consumers. Based on this, it makes sense to build your own customer retention strategy, irrespective of scale, logic and complexity.

Catalog, shopping cart, and behavioral earning rules

Reward Your Customers

Any combination of customer reward rules is available with Exto’s Magento 2 Reward Points extension: configure laser-targeted conditions to reach specific customer segments, promote individual products or product sets, increase the average order value by giving more points for bigger orders, boost customer retention by granting small amounts of reward points for numerous customer actions, or choose another rule-based approach to generate significant amounts of additional revenue.

  • Catalog RulesBuying specific products, brands or categories
  • Shopping Cart RulesTotal checkout amount, quantity of purchased products, specific location for geo-targeted campaigns, and more
  • Behavioral RulesNewsletter signup, customer birthday, product review, registration, and more

Configuration of rules

Rules Configuration

Based on a MarketTrack report, 80% of customers would switch stores if offered a compelling reward. Find a perfect balance of points’ assignment and increase customer loyalty and retention.

Have a full control over your rules by:

  • Specifying the minimal cart value or cart item quantity to start earning points
  • Setting a maximum number of rule triggers per day or per customer to prevent fraud attacks
  • Rules priority and automatic cancellation in case the target action happened before the rule execution
Configure conditions to earn the reward points


Control reward points redeeming by setting thresholds for:

  • The minimal cart subtotal required to redeem the points
  • The minimal number of cart items to be able to redeem the points
  • The balance value needed to start using the reward points
  • The minimum points amount that can be applied at checkout
  • The customer daily spend limit
Set limits and stay within budget

Full Control over Your Magento Reward Points Program

Pay in points for tax and shipping

Points for Tax and Shipping

Choose to apply the points to subtotal or total (before or after adding tax and shipping costs) or let clients earn points by paying for tax and shipping

Configure expiration of the reward points

Points Expiration

Set a points expiration date to stimulate shoppers to complete current orders or make additional ones, or let customers use the earned points without a time limit

Refund by the reward points

Refund by Points

Choose to refund products by points instead of transferring money back to a client’s account. Thus you keep money in-house and a customer repeats purchases

Set email notifications on the changes in points balance

Email Notifications

41% of shoppers admit to purchasing more from stores that send personalized emails based on past behavior and 49% prefer to learn about their loyalty points via email.

Magento 2 Reward Points extension allows you to notify clients regarding changes in their points balance by email or let customers unsubscribe from notifications if desired. Sending emails can increase customer engagement and provide another means of communication.

Customers Interface and Storefront

Customer reward points dashboard

Customer Dashboard

A customer can use a reward points dashboard to keep track of their current points balance, see a complete transaction history and points expiration dates.

Pay in points fully or partly


During a checkout a consumer can specify the amount of reward points to spend and decides whether to fully or partly pay for the order by points.

Customers can turn on/off email notifications

Email Notifications

A client is allowed to enable or disable email notifications on changes of their point balance within a customer account.