Another update of  is here. Yet again Exto team has improved the controls over block display of Upsell and  Cross-sell Products even further, providing even more flexibility in configuring every little aspect of the app’s look.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Template settings are now organized by section (size, slider, tiles, colors, styles)
  • We’ve added Block Positioning controls, allowing merchants place their upsell and cross-sell blocks wherever they’d prefer, without any operations with the code.
  • In the “Block Size” section, users may now set a CSS class for the upsell/cross-sell block containers (it works for “page-width” or any other similar classes).
  • “Disable price” option is added and users may hide product prices completely from the app’s block.
  • Sale badge may now display savings in store currency (e.g. “Save $14”).
  • Color selector is added to the Colors section, making it easier and much quicker to pick colors for all of the elements of Upsell and Cross-sell Products’ blocks.

Other changes:

  • Shopify Flow “Sync all” action added.
  • ‘Powered by Exto” no longer overlaps theme controls (the issue was only seen in the mobile view of certain themes).
  • Current collection detection for the first built-in rule “Related by Сollection” is improved. Now it detects current collection more precisely and keeps this collection in the product URL.
  • Issue with the Upsell and Cross-sell Products’ block container overlapping the links on some themes is fixed.

As usual, your feedback is highly appreciated, please do get in touch with our support team ( if there any questions or suggestions.