Exto team has been busy analyzing the behavior of the Automatic Related Products‘ users, as well as customer support requests. Today we are finally pleased to announce a major revamp of the Upsell and Cross-sell Products app, by introducing the “Look and Feel” section in the Rule Settings menu.

The days of store owners having to be technical in order to change even a small detail of how their upsell and cross-sell products are displayed are in the past. This update makes it possible to apply a good deal of adjustments to the looks of the app’s block simply by tweaking corresponding options.

First of all, please make sure to select “Default template” in the “How to Display” section, so the new “Look and Feel” component is displayed.

How to display settings

So, here’s what’s new:

1. Block size settings

You may now choose the app’s block size with a couple of clicks, ranging from Tight (5 items on desktop, 2 items on mobile) to Wide (3 items in desktop, 1 item on mobile).

Upsell block size settings

2. Advanced slider settings

Slider settings became much more flexible. App users may now choose between Manual and Automatic scroll, as well as either set the scroll to just one upsell at at time, or the whole screen. Bonus option: configure slider’s autoplay delay.

Slider options
3. Configuration of the upsell block’s elements

App now offers control over what elements of the recommended products’ block are to be displayed. Store owners are now able to decide on whether to display Vendor names, Star ratings, or “Sold out” and “On sale” badges on their upsell/cross-sell products.

Upsell block elements' configuration
4. Styling options

Speaking of elements – you may now easily set their styles,  choosing from Regular, Bold, Uppercase, and Bold Uppercase. On top of that, you may configure the content of the “On Sale” badge: be it the word “Sale”, amount of savings (e.g. $33), or percentage of savings (e.g. 45%).

Styling options

5. Color options

Finally, you may set up a different color for nearly every element of the upsell/cross-sell block. Colors can be set either with a HEX code (e.g. #FF8888) or simply with wording (red, blue, green, etc.). Leave the color field empty in case you’d like to use your theme’s default colors.

Color options

That’s it for now! We encourage you to take the updated app for a spin and let us know what you think! As always, your feedback is what helps us move forward!