Your online Magento 2 store receives thousands of visitors every month. Customers buy items and increase your sales volumes while prospects abandon their carts and leave a store without completing purchases. As a business owner or a marketer, you understand that both categories demand equal attention while building successful email marketing campaigns.

Did you know that 41% of marketers use emails as a top source of analytics data?

A new Magento 2 Email Marketing extension by will help you automate email campaigns, gather metrics, analyze, and further improve the current and past projects. With Email Marketing for Magento 2, you can focus on growing the list, reactivating churned customers, and cross-selling or upselling based on specific customer actions completed within a store. Let’s discover the key features of the new email marketing extension.


Start with choosing the right trigger events for your campaign: an abandoned cart, a new order or order status update (on hold, cancelled, pending), customer activity (signup, review, click a link in the email) or date (national holiday, first summer day).

Every trigger is followed by the associated cancellation events, be it an order from the website, website visit, change of the order status, or other. Select the desired events from the list and prevent any accidental irrelevant messages.

Then specify target stores and customer segments (general, wholesale, retailer). If you wish to follow up only those customers who opted in for a newsletter, simply enable this option under the customer groups.

Configure any combination of conditions to apply the rules.

While setting up the rules, a smart interface updates in real time and highlights the missed necessary fields. This ensures the error-free rules configuration.


Among the other trigger events, abandoned cart recovery deserves special attention. A research by Baymard Institute reveals that around 69% of customers navigate away from the shopping cart before completing a sale. That means you lose the two-thirds of revenues and potential loyal customers.

Yet, try implementing a successful approach to reduce the amount of abandoned carts. Introduce email recovery campaigns. If the customers add items to cart but don’t complete their purchases, you may reach out to those consumers with personalized emails. The first email should be sent out within 24 hours to catch and incentivize the hottest leads.

Alternatively, with the abandoned cart emails you may collect customer feedback on the reasons for purchasing process interruption.


Configure a set of 2-3 emails that will target the customer groups at specific time intervals. Shoot the first email during a day, the second one – within two days, and the last one within a week. Thus you will ensure to motivate the most hesitating customers and lead them back to your store.

Don’t forget to include into the email templates personal greetings, several pictures of the chosen products, special discounts, reviews and testimonials, and a strong call-to-action.

Worth to note that email personalization is not only limited to personal greetings (which is fully supported by our extension), but you may also wish to personalize your brand. A HubSpot team performed an A/B testing which revealed a higher CTR for those emails signed by the real company’s representatives instead of a generic impersonal “Hubspot team”.


As soon as a desired action is completed by a customer, you need to stop contacting them. This can be done with an email cancellation option. Configure specific events that should be triggered to interrupt any further automatic email series. For example, you may wish to cancel messages after a customer places a new order on your website, clicks an emailed link, or an order obtains a new status.


You may check a complete message history and queue in the relevant section. Filter the view by recipient name, email, order id and status and keep track of all transactional emails.


Any email marketing and automation campaign should be tracked and analyzed properly. An email marketing extension by brings a dashboard divided into general and per-rule sections. Now you can observe the total generated revenue, outbound emails statistics, value and the amount of the recovered abandoned carts, rules details and statistics.

The dashboard displays the number of emails associated with each rule and splits messages by the amount of clicks, statuses, queued emails, abandoned cart recovery attempts and the results.

For further information please visit the email marketing extension’s page or contact our sales team directly.