You are selling products to customers every day. Given that a certain part of the buyers visits your store repeatedly and chooses the same items, automation is the right decision from the manager’s side.

Those products purchased on a time basis can be delivered to clients without any extra manual actions. Magento 2 Subscriptions and Recurring Billing extension allows to set up subscription products which customers need to buy only once, afterwards the system automatically charges client’s account at the selected time intervals, and the buyer simply receives the order. As easy as ABC. So why not apply it?

Benefits for a Vendor

  • Predictable and scheduled revenue stream from customers during the subscription period,
  • Guaranteed selling of particular products or services,
  • Higher customer lifetime value,
  • Lower customer acquisition costs,
  • Simple inventory management and resource planning,
  • Possibility to upsell and cross-sell other products or services through personalized marketing or database marketing.

Benefits for a Customer

  • Convenient and time-saving automatic re-purchases,
  • No need to remember to reorder the items,
  • Confidence in the product’s availability at the right time,
  • Advance budget planning,
  • Guaranteed fixed price for the product during the whole subscriber’s agreement.

Key Features of the Magento 2 Subscriptions

Advanced Custom-Crafted Dashboard

Overview the number of subscription products and subscription templates, check profile statuses of the subscribers, and get a quick understanding of the total subscription value.

Magento 2 subscriptions dashboard

An Intuitive Subscription Profile View

Get a complete customer information, subscription products’ payment details along with the associated attributes, payment processor profile details, response message log, and a list of previous orders.

Subscriptions and recurring payments view

Configurable Subscription Templates

Set a subscription start date, billing cycles, amount of charge attempts, configure multiple store view, and more.

Magento subscriptions templates

Flexible Product Configuration

Set multiple purchasing options for the store items. They can be purchased either once or through a subscription model. For instance, when shoppers visit a pet food store, they can choose to order a single pack of the food or request a recurring delivery.

Simultaneous Subscription & Non-subscriptions Purchases

Buyers can checkout with both subscription and non-subscription products at the same time. This means, a client can add any combination of products to the cart and pay for several products only once while opting for a subscription service for other items. At the moment, the extension is integrated with a PayPal billing system and accepts both mobile and desktop payments.

magento subscription extension

A Complete Control over Subscriptions for a Customer

Clients can access personal subscriptions profiles and monitor the selected items and their details, billing periods and termination date, or cancel the recurring orders.

Failure-Proof Recurring Billing

The system automatically charges customer’s balance according to the predefined schedule. If payment fails, several more attempts take place. A merchant sets the number of attempts in advance. When the system exceeds payment attempts limit, customer’s profile status changes to “suspended”.

A Smooth Integration with a Store

After the subscriptions and recurring billing extension is implemented, it adds just a couple of elements which support Magento store’s style by default. They are the first billing date chooser and the subscription selector. This eliminates the need of additional resources while integrating the Magento 2 subscriptions extension.

For more details please visit the Subscriptions and Recurring Billing extension page or contact our team directly to discuss your Magento problems.