Keep the customer happy. Attract new customers and then retain them. Value each customer and make sure that they know they are valued. These simple phrases should be at the heart of virtually every business. Retaining customers is essential given how highly competitive every marketplace is and how many different options are out there. As a business, we must do everything we can to demonstrate to customers that we value them.

One of the most successful and proven ways to reward customers and ensure their retention with a high probability of future purchases is via a rewards system and loyalty program. However, we know from being on the administration side of the loyalty program coin, how tricky loyalty programs and reward systems can be. The terms and conditions. Managing the accounts. Managing the points value. Ensuring the program remains relevant. Making it useful for the business as well as the customer.

That’s where the new Magento Reward Points extension comes in.

As well as having a friendly and easily useable customer interface – essential if we’re actually going to achieve the effect of retaining customers – it also has a powerful ‘backroom’ for businesses. This gives you complete control over the rules that result in the issuing of points, the campaigns that you run, the budget conditions and so on. Rules can be set by shopping cart, catalog, or according to behavioral models.

You want to put a double points promotion on a particular item in stores in a particular town on one weekend only? Easy! Want to ensure that rewards kick in only over a certain amount or that there is a limit on the rewards budget? No problem. You want to encourage customer purchases? Set the desired expiration dates on reward points!

The extension also makes it possible to issue refunds by points rather than refunding to the customer’s bank account. This is a major bonus as it is proven to encourage client purchases in the future! And from the customer perspective, the Reward Points enable the customer to pay for a purchase fully or in-part by points.

They can see their Reward Points balance, check their transaction history, enable or disable email notifications and more. This is a totally intuitive system for them that is easy to use.

The Magento customer rewards and loyalty program is specifically designed to enable it to be totally customable and responsive to business requirements, while also ensuring protection against online fraud. Daily credit limits can be set by the manager, triggers set for minimal cart value or item quantity and so on.  There is a full suite of analytical tools and options available that give great insights into particular campaigns, customer behaviour and marketing efforts.

For more information on what the Magento 2 Reward Points extension could do for your business, contact the Sales Team, or call us 1 (866) 292-0660.