We all know the way things usually go. Someone in management/IT/finance decides that there’s money for a new piece of software and so they go and talk to someone else in management/IT/finance about what that should be, they get it, and then announce to the company that there is this great new piece of software that everyone is going to use! And then the staff tries to use it, thinking all the time ‘it would have been really great if you’d actually asked us what we needed….’

Well, thankfully Exto are releasing a new Help Desk extension that has actually been designed, programmed and produced in cooperation with support staff and made just for them! It has been made deliberately to make the life of support staff easier, quicker and more productive.

One example of this, for instance, is that all case notes relating to a purchase are actually linked to that purchase – including client contact details, reward points/store credit balance, relevant order items, ticket and order history. There will be no need for customers to be hold while support staff has to hunt through different files to find what has been done previously!

Exto Help Desk is designed to work with Magento 2 stores and gives all the functionality that support staff actually needs and – what’s more – would actually like to have. It has, amongst other aspects, a custom interface that makes it simple to convert customer requests automatically into service tickets and pull these to a corresponding help desk agent, and allows service staff to reply directly and easily to clients via the extension’s custom interface or by email.

Staff can leave internal notes in these tickets (that are invisible to clients) and a cross-referenced cross-linked system that keeps all the records and associated items in one-easy-to-view format.

But the Magento Help Desk by Exto has also been designed with customers and clients in mind. Every client is able to access full product features without needing to be logged in. This minimizes efforts and facilitates the ticket submission process.

When a ticket is resolved, the client can rate the ticket with rating of between one and five stars. The feedback can then be checked, and support staff can determine who has been given the highest (and lowest) ratings, analyze the reasons behind this, and determine how to improve customer service.

Making sure that support staff is able to best serve customer needs is essential to keep customers happy and improve sales, retention and reputation. Having a system that is specifically designed to do this is an excellent way of making sure that your business has the best chance to compete in the crowded, busy, fast-paced, globalized environment that we all now work in.

For further details on the Magento 2 Help Desk extension, please visit a Help Desk page or contact the Sales Team.