There is no question that customer loyalty initiatives and programs have been popping up everywhere. This was true of brick and mortar organizations; however, Magento loyalty programs have also become a major part of e-commerce businesses as well. Furthermore, if you talk about a business organization that offers streamlined customer services, there are various loyalty programs that can help attract thousands of customers, develop formidable loyalty and retain current customers.

Customer loyalty programs can even help your business market itself even during a recession. On top of that, the loyalty initiatives can become a powerful measuring tool. This means that the loyalty programs you offer reflect how deeply you care about your customers and how important they are to you. At the same time, you can use your program to track, monitor and discover customer buying and spending traits.

Small business organizations should not be afraid to invest in a customer loyalty program. Why? Well, think about it, if it costs you an arm and leg to replace an old, repeat customer with a new one, wouldn’t you instead keep the old customer and attract the new one at the same time? The only way you can do that is through a seamless and personalized Magento loyalty program.

However, there is also a common misconception that both customer rewards programs and customer loyalty programs are the same. Nothing can be further from the truth. A rewards program doesn’t generate the kind of value a loyalty programs does. The former is just a marketing platform for launching different promotions that do not reveal how a company is targeting its customers.

A loyalty program on the other hand is a complex infrastructure that incorporates the use of Big Data to track and monitor each and every single transaction between the customer and the brand. This is where Big Data comes in significantly handy in identifying the customer’s requirement and specifications.


This is where it is important to rely on the best sales analytics applications to enhance your strive to developing the effective and highly efficient customer loyalty or reward programs for your e-commerce website. This is where Exto Reward Points for Magento 2 becomes handy. The application provides a comprehensive array of options, which include total control over your loyalty campaigns with an advanced interface and dashboard, flexible point earning features, managed thresholds where you maintain your profit levels, points expiration for compelling your customers to act, etc. You can also use the application to boost your Magento abandoned cart recovery.


Using Big Data analytics software to create a loyalty system can help you put your finger on the behavior of particular target audience demographics, which is an extremely important set of marketing data. In order to create a precision based and tactical plan to market your products in a way that generates enhanced buying patterns and behaviors, you need to understand what your customers avoid and all those things that compel them to make a purchase.
The integration of the Reward Points with Magento Analytics by Exto makes an unbeatable combo for those who want to run optimized loyalty campaigns and track their performance.

Using a creative and highly integrated customer loyalty you will be able to conduct a resourceful form of information research, understanding all the major factors involved in customer buying traits. The trial and error phase of your loyalty programs will help you identify all the incentives that propel your customers to buy from you and in turn be pleasantly rewarded. Using the Magento loyalty system you will be able to zero-in on particular loyalty program that are your customer like the most. Through this information, you will be able to provide them with the best of the best of loyalty programs, attaching them to certain products that you wanted highlighted.


How is that? A good question. Well, launching a customer loyalty program can take a lot of time, incorporating the right system using Exto Reward Points however, takes less effort – the software helps you with initial research pertaining to the preferences of your target audience demographics. The analytical application also helps you make a scheme that you would prefer to incorporate going forward.

With various rules configuration features, you will be able to reward your customer for a plethora of elements. For example, you and reward them with buying particular products that you have attached the Magento loyalty program with. You can even reward on the basis of the total checkout amount.

The point is, using cutting edge software will help breeze your through the entire process, and once you have it set up, the entire process and customer loyalty campaigns becomes self-sustaining. Why? That is primarily because of it is a cynical infrastructure. The more your target audiences buy specific products, the more incentives they get. This in turn will inspire them and attract them to buy more from you.


All in all, there is nothing better than to partly automate your customer loyalty campaign, which is exactly what is here for. Stay ahead of the curve at all times.