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Magento 2 Analytics

Undertaking marketing and sales campaigns without analytics is a waste of time and money. Exto Analytics is a free Magento 2 extension that enables businesses to make data-driven decisions based on verifiable data.

Its advanced BI reports and insightful dashboards gather key metrics and data, presenting them in a clear and accessible manner. This enables accurate analysis and interpretation, forming the basis of effective decision making.

Compatibility: Magento 2 Community/Enterprise v2.1.0-2.2.*

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Analyze All Aspects of Your Sales

According to a Bain & Company study, businesses that implement analytics are five times more likely to make faster decisions. You can understand your performance at a glance with Exto Analytics dashboards, which reflect all the key figures in one place:

  • Complete overview of sales revenues to track your performance changes
  • Abandoned carts to analyze which triggers customers require to complete a purchase
  • Fluctuations in the average order value to improve your marketing and pricing strategy
  • Number of orders to calculate if the repeat purchase rate is growing
  • Amount of signups to measure the flow of new clients
Magento 2 analytics dashboard

Never Be Away from Your Business

The mobile dashboard can inform you anytime, anywhere, in real time.

Analytics mobile dashboard

Compare Any Two Time Periods on the Same Data View

Are we growing compared to the last year or the last month? Which areas are we vulnerable in and what are our strong points? This is how to find the answer.

Compare time periods in magento 2 analytics

Analyze Specific Dimensions in a Separate View

More than 60% of consumers leave carts without purchasing. Segment the data by store view, order status and date, and immediately get deeper insights into each store’s effectiveness.

You can determine the pain points in the order processing procedure, monitor timely updates of the product line or analyze performance during a specified time frame.

Filter dimensions and analyze them separately

Find Low Performers or Bestsellers

Identify top or lowest performing products, or narrow down the view to particular products of interest, and make timely changes in your marketing strategy.

For instance, determine the top 25 percent of products generating the bulk of revenue and set a remarketing campaign or issue reward points for purchasing the target products.

Quickly navigate through the items with the product selection suggestions feature.

Find best selling or lowest performing products

Define Which Products’ Characteristics Contribute to the Ultimate Order Decision

Process an advanced “Sales by Attribute” report and analyze your products by category, manufacturer, brand, color, size, or any other perspective. Thus you can identify purchasing trends and growth opportunities, and stay one step ahead of customers’ expectations.

Conduct a Deep Product Analysis

Analyze specific products within a “Sales by Product” report. You may apply filters by product name or a stock keeping unit and get into deep details of every store item: how many items were sold during a selected time frame, the total discounts provided, the amount of refunds, total profit, and more.

Advanced reports by attribute and by product

Have a sales performance report at a glance and instantly unravel the key trouble issues, powerful competitive advantages, and keep track of the implemented modifications.

Smart sales overview report for Magento stores

Explore Your Data in Real-Time

Once Magento business intelligence and analytics by Exto is installed, all the previous and current data is automatically pulled together, and a desktop or mobile dashboard is ready for immediate real-time use.

Real-time analytics