About us

Exto.io is a team of seasoned Magento specialists who have been working with the top ecosystem players for more than 8 years. We are creating a family of marketing and analytics solutions for Magento merchants around the globe.

Having held the top executive positions in the Magento ecosystem since its birth, Exto.io’s founder and CEO Artyom Rabzonov has brought his extensive experience of product development and customer care to his new venture. On top of that, Exto.io’s development team has participated in the development of the Magento core itself.

Based on the accumulated practice, we have already revealed the main urges of Magento store owners and initiated translating this knowledge into the custom-crafted innovative solutions. We are bringing a new level of quality and design into our Magento products to significantly enrich user experience and facilitate any day-to-day operations. We continually support and update every Magento extension with care as we enjoy what we do.

Exto.io is not just about making extensions, we are establishing long-term cooperation with the ultimate goal of helping you gain more from your Magento and ultimately succeed.

The headquarters is located in Minsk, Belarus.

Our Mission

We aim to provide SMB's with effective and affordable tools to conduct data-driven ecommerce marketing campaigns with analytical and optimizational capabilities.

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